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This is the official and complete lecture collection. Last Updated – 14 Jul 17. (102 files)
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Updates to the archive:

19 May 16 – NEW – “KC in a Nutshell, London School of Pharmacy – 18 Feb 99”
30 May 15 – added location+date on “Memories of Bury Place”
29 May 15 – added “Interview about George Harrison” recording
30 Mar 15 – added “Initiation of Rama Priti – Belfast, 5 Oct 1992”
10 Feb 15 – Removed “SB 3.26.25 The Fundamental Principles” – Because it is duplicated
8 Sep 2014 – Updating lecture date and verse number – “Avoid Stereotype Life”
29 Aug 2014 – “On Africa & Welcoming Madhuvisa Prabhu” – Date confirmed as “2000-November-25”
21 April 2014 –
NEW – CC Adi 8.15 Real Humility Means Serving Krsna – Inis Rath, 25 July 2000
NEW – CC Adi 1.54 Utilize Everything In Krsna’s Service – Inis Rath, 28 July 2000
CLEANED – BG 6.7 Intelligence Means Ability to Control – Bhaktivedanta Manor
UPDATED – “SB 1.4.20 Old Crow, New Crow” NEW INFORMATION: Nairobi, 1 November 98
UPDATED – “BG 2.47 Bodily Attachment Causes Distress, Sunday Feast – Birmingham, 19 Oct 97”

10 Apr 2014 – NEW – “Prabhupada Reunion Festival – Bhaktivedanta Manor, 24 May 93”
2 Apr 2014 – NEW – “Talk after Mangal Arati, March 2001”
20 Mar 2014 – Correction of Locations/Dates on recordings – SB 3.28.14, 15, 17, 26.
Also “Bodily Designation to Spiritual Realisation” is the 26 of May not 30th May.
19 Mar 2014 – NEW VERSION – SB 3.24.42 Exchange Limited For Unlimited – Bhaktivedanta Manor, 30 Dec 98
3 Dec 2013 – CLEANED SB 3.25.31-36 Without Faith How Can There Be Love – Africa, 8 Nov 98
27 Feb 2014 – Correction of Location – BG 5.29 The Formula for Peace – Correct location: Birmingham not Dublin.

Verse Title Location Date Link
BG 2.47 Bodily Attachment Causes Distress - Sunday Feast Birmingham 1997-October-19 MP3
BG 2.70 Tranquility of a Person in Krsna-Consciousness England MP3
BG 3.27 Who is the Doer East London 2000-November-03 MP3
BG 3.27 Why We're Restricted in the Material World - Sunday Feast Birmingham MP3
BG 4.34 Surrender To Krsna - Sunday Feast Birmingham 1999-March-28 MP3
BG 5.29 The Formula for Peace - Sunday Feast Birmingham MP3
BG 6.5 Engage in Activities Conducive for the Soul London? MP3
BG 6.7 Intelligence Means Ability to Control Bhaktivedanta Manor MP3
BG 7.25 Spiritual Energy Doesn't Work Under Conditions - Sunday Feast Birmingham 1997 MP3
BG 14.4 A Wandering Mind is very Dangerous - Nairobi Namahatta Nairobi, Kenya MP3
CC Adi 1.34 Reasons for the Lord's Descent - Pandava Sena Inis Rath 2000-July-26 MP3
CC Adi 1.52 Practical Aspects for the Lord's Appearance - Pandava Sena Inis Rath 2000-July-27 MP3
CC Adi 1.54 Utilize Everything In Krsna's Service - Pandava Sena Inis Rath 2000-July-28 MP3
CC Adi 8.15 Real Humility Means Serving Krsna - Pandava Sena Inis Rath 2000-July-25 MP3
CC M 16.68-72 The Intermediate Vaisnava Bhaktivedanta Manor 2000-June-09 MP3
SB 2.7.15? A Devotee Will Never Be Vanquished Dublin? MP3
SB 1.1.21-22 The Real Benefit Of Kali Yuga - Sunday Feast Birmingham 1999-February-14 MP3
SB 1.3.38-39 We All Want To Be Cognisant Dublin MP3
SB 1.3.40 To Find Krsna, Find His Devotee Dublin MP3
SB 1.4.20 Old Crow, New Crow Nairobi, Kenya 1998-November-01 MP3
SB 1.7.26 Nuclear Weapon Is Not a New Thing Dublin MP3
SB 1.7.8 The Greatest Enemy of Bhakti is Frivolity Dublin MP3
SB 1.8.29 The Impartiality of God Birmingham MP3
SB 1.8.47 The Psychology of Affection MP3
SB 1.9.26 Crows are Very Envious Dublin 1997-February MP3
SB 1.9.33 Form is a Very Powerful Thing Dublin 1997-February-10 MP3
SB 1.9.35 Material Body is our "Challenge" to God's Supremacy Dublin 1997-February-21/22 MP3
SB 3.15.32 You Can't Tell a Vaishnava Simply by Looking 1997-January-01 MP3
SB 3.15.9 Everyone in this Universe is Dependent on Light Birmingham? 1997 Spring? MP3
SB 3.19.34 Our Training is in Sound Birmingham 1997-August-22 MP3
SB 3.19.35 Krsna-Consciousness Isn't An Easy Cruise on the Mediterranean Birmingham 1997-August-23 MP3
SB 3.20.5 Everyone Has Expectancy Psychology Birmingham 1997-September MP3
SB 3.20.53 Advancement Means Decreasing Sex Desire Birmingham 1997-October MP3
SB 3.21.17 Very Strong Lanuage, No Nicey-Nicey (Part 1) Birmingham 1997-November-10 MP3
SB 3.21.17 Avoid Stereotype Life (Part 2) Birmingham 1997-November-10 MP3
SB 3.21.19 Enjoyment Means Two Birmingham 1997-November-12 MP3
SB 3.21.20 Separated Means Separate Desire Birmingham 1997-November-13 MP3
SB 3.22.14 A Devotee is also in Anxiety Bhaktivedanta Manor 1998 Summer MP3
SB 3.22.35 Future Generally Means Deterioration Birmingham 1998-March-05 MP3
SB 3.23.40-41 Creation Comes From Consciousness Inis Rath MP3
SB 3.24.42 Exchange Limited for Unlimited Bhaktivedanta Manor 1998-December-30 MP3
SB 3.24.45 Bhakti, Bhakta and Bhagavan Bhaktivedanta Manor 1999-January-05 MP3
SB 3.25.18 Relationship Is The Essence of Happiness Bhaktivedanta Manor 1999-February-11 MP3
SB 3.25.19 Immediate or Future Benefit Kampala 1998-October-13 MP3
SB 3.25.20-21 Find Someone Who is Mad After Krsna Africa 1998/1999-October-24 MP3
SB 3.25.36 Without Faith How Can There Be Love Africa 1998-November-08 MP3
SB 3.26.35 Knowledge Must Be Conclusive Inis Rath 2000-February MP3
SB 3.26.36 The Desire To Be Served is the Root of Impersonalism Inis Rath 2000-January MP3
SB 3.27.14 Material Experience Isn't Wholesome Bhaktivedanta Manor 1999-July-13 MP3
SB 3.27.5 Dreaming is not Going to Solve Anything Bury Place 1977 MP3
SB 3.28.14 Business of the Mind is Propaganda Birmingham 1999-January MP3
SB 3.28.15 Deep Relationship Means Strong Attachment Birmingham 1999-January MP3
SB 3.28.17 The Beauty of Krsna Birmingham 1999-January-14 MP3
SB 3.28.26 One Should Chant To Serve Krsna Birmingham 1999-January MP3
SB 3.29.19 Fight Ignorance Birmingham 1999-March/April MP3
SB 3.3.23 To Become Vaisnava Is Very Rare MP3
SB 3.7.96 Matter Does Not Reciprocate Ireland MP3
SB 3.9.10 This Knowledge is There For The Service of Krsna Bhaktivedanta Manor MP3
SB 4.11.27 Krsna Protects His Devotees Room Conversation Birmingham 2000-December-18 MP3
SB 4.2.11 Daksas Anger Towards Lord Siva MP3
SB 4.22.30 Everyone Needs Their Shelter Glastonbury Festival 2000-June MP3
SB 4.8.x Get Fired Up Birmingham 2000-Summer MP3
SB 4.8.33 The First Anartha is this Body Bhaktivedanta Manor 2001-May-18 MP3
SB 4.8.38 Importance of Determination (Casual Means Casualty) Birmingham 2000-June-12 MP3
SB 4.9.46 There Must Be Intimacy With Krsna Birmingham 2000-October-15 MP3
SB 5.26.1-40 Karma is as Complex as God - Last Class in Africa Kisumu 2001-January-28 MP3
KB 20 Krsna Book 20: Description of Autumn Kenya 1998-October-21 MP3
KB 24 Krsna Book 24: Govardhan Puja Soho Street 2000-October-28 MP3
All of Us Are Lovers of God - Sunday Feast Dublin MP3
Bodily Designation to Spiritual Realisation - Camden Town Hall London 1996-May-26 MP3
Brighton Festival Brighton 2001-September-14 MP3
Campfire Memories with Sacinandana Swami - Pandava Sena Inis Rath 2000-July-11 MP3
Chanting with Sincerity - Question Answers with Pandava Sena MP3
Conversation with Joe Mombasa, Kenya 1996-September MP3
Different Types of Knowledge 1996 MP3
Festival Issues 2000 Autumn MP3
Final Days Bhaktivedanta Manor 2001-March-06 MP3
Human Life is Meant for Transforming Consciousness Africa 1998-January MP3
Interview about George Harrison by Geoffrey Giulano England 1991 MP3
Introduction Before Kirtan - Camden Town Hall London 1996-May-26 MP3
It Is Consciousness That Is Searching England MP3
KC in a Nutshell - London School of Pharmacy London 1999-Feb-18 MP3
Lecture at Initiation of Rama Priti dd Belfast 1992-October-05 MP3
Lord Nityananda's Appearance Day with Pandava Sena 1999-January-29 MP3
Memories of Bury Place Bhaktivedanta Manor 1993-May-24 MP3
Memories of Prabhupada Compilation 1995/1996 MP3
Morning Talk to Tent Guests - Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival 2000-June MP3
On Africa and Welcoming Madhuvisa Prabhu Bhaktivedanta Manor 2000-November-25 MP3
Outdoor Stage Lecture Dar es Salam 1998-January MP3
Panca Tattva - Sunday Feast Birmingham MP3
Prabhupada Memories MP3
Pre-Kirtan Speech at Garter Lane Arts Centre Festival Waterford 1997-May MP3
Protecting Society from Ignorance - University College Dublin Dublin 1994-November? MP3
Questions with Pandava Sena MP3
Radha-Londonisvara 25th Anniversary Festival Soho Street 1994 MP3
Radha-Londonisvara 31th Anniversary Festival Soho Street 2000-December-02 MP3
Srila Prabhupada Reunion Festival - 20th Anniversary Bhaktivedanta Manor 1993-May-24 MP3
Talk after Mangal Arati Bhaktivedanta Manor 2001-March MP3
The Month of Damodar 2000-October MP3
The Principle of Guru and Prabhupada Memories Bhaktivedanta Manor 1999-January-01 MP3
The Problem is None of You Believe in Krsna - Pandava Sena Bhaktivedanta Manor 2001-May-01 MP3
You Cannot Tell God What To Do - Makerere University Kampala, Uganda 1996-November MP3

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  1. Thank you for this collection of amazing lectures from His Grace Tribhuvanatha Prabhu. They are very inspiring. From your servant, Bharata dasa.

  2. Very nice lecture collection! Tribhuvanatha Prabhu had a very deep insight into the conclusions of the Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita!

  3. Tribhuvanatha Prabhu gives such succinct, deep lectures on the topics of Bhagavad Gita his realisations and simple clear explanations help in clearing the cobwebs in the mind.

  4. I had the privilege to spend lots of time in the presence of this great soul. Such inspiration he changed my life.. Will never forget you Tribhuvanatha and always keep you in my heart.

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